DON Trucking

We have over 20 years experience


certificacionesDon Transport Trucking was founded over 20 years ago in order to provide customers, in conjunction with sister company Maritime NAD, a comprehensive service in customs clearance and transportation of goods.

We have trained staff continuously with intent to promote the logistics and communication for the provision of our services; maintaining low turnover.


  • 30 tractors equipped with VHF radio and GPRS satellite tracking system
  • A 4 ton truck
  • A 6 ton truck
  • 76 platforms


  • 3 digital phone lines
  • VHF communication radios
  • GPRS satellite tracking with SMS and panic alarm
  • Cellular
  • Radio
  • E-Mails available to receive or send information immediately


  • 1 Server Application
  • Private network with 7 workstations
  • Software for satellite monitoring of our GPS units
  • Internal Software for technical review and efficiency of our cars
  • Dedicated link to the Internet and E-Mail[/one-fourth]