About Us

Automotive Logistics is a Mexican company with worldwide alliances dedicated to creating logistics solutions to and from Mexico.

Developed from the demands of the automotive industry, we have made and provided services for a number of different types of markets.

We focus on the automotive market as well as companies manufacturing or marketing raw materials and supplies in our country we also support some companies that sell their products in Mexico and/or abroad.



Our mission is to constantly support our clients achieve their strategies always having a fast, reliable, secure that is cost-competitive, wether within its supply chain or door to door logistics.




ALO’s vision is to be identified in the Mexican market as a regional provider with global coverage and competitive transportation logistics solutions, consisting of a team of professionals in the field, with advanced systems that provide customers with information in real time.


The foundation of our organization is simple:

  • Be professional
  • Honest
  • Ethical
  • Responsible
  • Transparent